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March 6, 2013
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They know how to be happy. by CherryVioletS They know how to be happy. by CherryVioletS
MLP and Gravity Falls crossover again!
Pinkie tells Mabel about parties and pranks. Mabes approves!

Gravity FallsİAlex Hirsch
MLP:FiMİLauren Faust
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Ask-Pacifica-GF 14 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
pupshackle 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Uh oh....the world just broke times two...
fanfics4ever 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Pinkie Pie- So tell me again... how is this a surprise party if it's YOUR birthday?
Mabel- it's a surprise for my brother, DUH! We share a birthday and always try to surprise each other... well, I do!
Pinkie Pie- well, Twilight's keeping him out for the day, it'll sure be a surprise when they come back!
Bry-guy 4 days ago  Student Photographer
Mabel- I need to introduce you to my 2 other friends
Pinkie Pie- oh my gosh I would LOVE THAT!!

*Dipper and Twlight are going for a walk in the park*
Dipper- I'm so glad we get to visit now whenever we want
Twlight- me too, the human world is such a cool place!
Dipper- yeah so is your world!
fanfics4ever 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Twilight- you say that, but to me it's just normal. There's always new surprises here for me.
Dipper- and I can say the same about your world. But even this town still surprises me.
Twilight- so, you said today is your birthday?
Dipper- both mine and Mabel's, what with us being twins. She's probably planning a surprise party for me back at the shack. With you and your friends around though, I bet Pinkie's gonna make it even better though, huh?
Twilight- for sure. And if she invited Cheese Sandwich, I can't even measure how great the party will be.
Dipper- who?
Twilight- if he's here, you'll meet him.

Mabel- you actually brought help over?
Pinkie- for a surprise party for twins in a different dimension, I figured a good friend of mine should help.
Mabel- woah, hold of on that, I think I hear some people coming. Act normal!
Pinkie- that's kinda impossible for me...
*Candy and Grenda come running in*
Candy- Mabel, you'll never guess who we just saw stumbling thru the streets of town!
Mabel- who?
Grenda- Weird Al Yankovic!
Pinkie- Huh? Who's that?
Bry-guy 4 days ago  Student Photographer
Grenda- why he's one of the greatest singers of all time and he loves planning parties!
*Weird Al comes in*
Weird Al- hello girls I heard there's a party going on, and when ever there's a party in need, there I'll be!
*Then Cheese Sandwich comes in*
Cheese Sandwich- hello girls I heard there's a party going on and when ever there's party in need, there I'll be!
Weird Al- hey that's what I just said!
Mabel- you 2 kinda look and sound alike!
fanfics4ever 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
(I was thinking they'd just mistake Cheese Sandwich for Weird Al. And he's stumbling because he hasn't figured out how to walk on 2 legs yet.)
Bry-guy 4 days ago  Student Photographer
oh okay Nod

Grenda- why he's the best musician's ever!
Cheese Sandwich- hello everyone! I hear your throwing a party and whenever tere's a party in need there I'll be!
Mabel- that's great thank you so much for coming!
Cheese Sandwich- no problem!
Pinkie- hmmmm you seem familiar!
fanfics4ever 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Cheese- Pinkie, it's me! You invited me to help, remember?
Grenda- OMG, how do YOU know Weird Al?
Candy- you must tell us EVERYTHING!
*Mabel puts a hand over both Pinkie and Cheese's mouths*
Mabel- um... excuse us for a second guys
*pulls them both into the kitchen*
Pinkie- Mabel, what's going on? Who's this 'Weird Al' and why do they keep calling Cheese Sandwich that?
Cheese- yeah, I'm curious about that, too.
Mabel- OK, Weird Al is a musician who makes parodies of other stars music, as well as his own. In our world, you've made it in the music business if Weird Al makes a parody of your songs. How do I know this? Dipper is a HUGE Weird Al fan. And it seems my friends are too. So, for the time being, Cheese, you're just gonna have to pretend you're him.
Cheese- OK... I don't know if I can pull it off, though...
Mabel- can you play the accordion?
Cheese- totally!
Mabel- then we're fine.
*the return to the living room*
Mabel- so; everyone ready to set mine and Dipper's surprise party?
Candy- of course; I have bought many supplies to decorate the living room.
Grenda- and I carried it all here!
Cheese- woah, hold up... this party's gonna be INSIDE?
Mabel- well, yeah. We can't exactly afford an extravagant party that can be held outside.
Pinkie- maybe YOU can't...
Cheese- but WE can!
Pinkie- we got everything outside; bubbles, balloons, punch, food, banners.
Cheese Sandwich- fizzy drinks, hawiaan shirts, brie fondue, roller coasters, giant parade balloons, the basic party stuff.
Pinkie- everyone else probably showed up with them, c'mon!
Bry-guy 3 days ago  Student Photographer
*They all go outside and it looks like a carnival outside*
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich- tah-dah!
Mabel- wow you 2 did all this?
Pinkie- with a little help!
*Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy are standing next to everything feeling proud of themselves*
Applejack- I brought some of my apple pies and pastries I hope you enjoy them!
Mabel- oh you bet I will! Pinkie Pie, Weird Al thank you so much this is going to be the best birthday party ever!
Fluttershy- so when are Twlight and Dipper going to show up?
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